Upload your designs

Do you know how to upload your designs in SuperFan? It’s really easy!
In a little while you can have all your designs uploaded. We have a program that is awesome! Don’t miss a step with our tutorial… Easy now!

Upload your designs

1. Enter your products

The first step is very easy, just log in with your username and password and go to “Panel de artista” – “Productos”.

Once inside you will see a button called “Añadir nuevo producto”.

When you click this button a new tab will open with your panel to upload designs.

2. upload your designs

Upload all your designs by clicking on “Upload”.

Accept the disclaimer and wait a second for all your designs to upload.

3. assign designs to articles

Select the design and select the product category you want to assign it to.

Once you have selected the category, you will see all the items in the category, you can activate each item individually by clicking on the product, or you can select all the items by clicking on the + below them.

When the light in the corner of each product is yellow, it means that it has been assigned to the design you have selected.

Save the changes and you’re done!

4. Categorize and label your designs

Once you have assigned your design to the items, in the “Clasificar” section you can categorize and label your design.

Here’s a trick! By default, the title of your design will be the name you have given to the png, if your png designs are already correctly named, you save a step.

In this section you can also put a small description of the product, the technique and the style of the design.

Try to fill in all the fields to have good positioning and have your designs found first.

And that’s it! You can close the panel clicking on the red cross and all the desings you have uploaded will appear in your account, easy right?

Upload your designs in bulk

1. Assign all your designs to all items

Once you have uploaded your designs from “Upload” you have the option to assign them to all the articles in bulk.

To do this, where the designs are you will see that there is a + and -, if you click the + you select them all.

The same thing happens in categories, on the + that you will see below if you click you will be able to select them all.

Once selected, you will see all the products corresponding to them, you also have a + below all the products that you have to select.

When you see a yellow circle in the corner of each product, it means that it is selected to be assigned, you only have to save and that’s it!

2. Massive categorization

If you notice, next to the design there is a small number, that number corresponds to the number of items assigned to it, in this case as we have assigned all the items to all designs, on each one of them 51 items will appear assigned to them.

If you click again on the + at the bottom of the designs and click on “Clasificar” you will be able to categorize your designs in bulk.

All the changes you make this way will appear on all your designs.

Do you have any questions? Contact us!